Xceed | New Generation 3D AOI

Simultaneous 2D + 3D Inspection
• PARMI’s Exclusive Technology
The Fastest Inspection Cycle Time

• 65 sq. cm/sec @ 14um X 14um
• Extreme Accuracy & Vibration-Free

Hardware & Software Concept
• Easy Maintenance and Operation
• SPI Friendly Software
Convenient Programming
• Library Function Supported for Fast & Easy Teaching
• Manual Teaching is possible without CAD Files

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Exceptional SPI imaging through expansive bandwidth

• SIGMA X is PARMI’s award-  winning 3D solder paste   inspection machine.
• Not “just another” in-line   system, SIGMA X brings   solderpaste inspection to a   whole new level. 
• Featuring an expansive   application range.
  high repeatability.
• accuracy and speed ― plus a   commitment to innovative   process improvement.
• SIGMA X excels where other   systems fail.

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• The Ultimate Solution for X-ray 3D CT Analysis
• High-resolution micro-focus X-ray system
• Magnification up to 4800x

• X-Ray image can be displayed at any angle using 6-axis manipulator configuration
• 3D CT visualizes all hidden structure and microscale defects inside the object
• SEC unique oblique CT technology realizes highmagnified 3D CT visualization of large areas



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The Revolution in SMD Reel Counting

• Automated X-Ray Reel Counting
• Easy to program
• Easy to use with automated component type detection
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Cycle time 12 seconds per reel

• Communicates direct with warehouse management system
• Improves stock accuracy by 5x
• Compatible with all major label printers
• Optimized X-Ray geometry, ergonomic working position and a small footprint

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PCB Laser Marking System

• High Speed laser marking of formats ranging from 1D barcodes 2D Matrix
• Large panel size of 450 mm x 400 mm (18 x 16”)
• Program Z height adjustment
• 30 Watts CO2 Laser Class 4 • Incorporate flip unit for top side and bottom side printing.


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• GETECH Supplies a   wide range of high   performance Inline
and stand-alone   depaneling solutions to   fulfill small, medium   and high volume   production

• PCB Marking System can used inline or in a   specific marking island. Ink marking, instantly   dry to the touch, and a permanent after the   reflow oven, provides a high definition print,   where laser marking or label placement are not   an option

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STAND AOI for THT & UV Conformal Coat Inspection

•Leading German scanning technology provides automated inspection for:
Through Hole Technology (THT)
UV Conformal

•High speed scanning technology
•Simultaneous top and bottom side inspection optional
•Dedicated software for THT inspection
•Dedicated software for UV Conformal Coat Inspection

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• Pre-reflow & post-reflow inspection.
For high precision inspection: 01005/03015 and high density IC components.
• For odd shape component inspection due to powerful inspection algorithm.

• Telecentric Optical Lens.
• Programmable RGBW and Coaxial light source.
• Automatic position compensation for the warp boards.
• High accuracy linear module.
• Offline programming and real-time debugging.
• Algorithm to inspect wave soldering component and solder joint.

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SMT Vacuum Reflow System - Vacuum S

Systems for thermal Process Solution from -50 0C up to 350 0C
• Optimum heat transfer
• Lowest consumption of nitrogen and energy reduces operational cost considerably.

• Sectioned rail transport designed to avoid warpage.
• Flux filtering system reduces maintenance and cleaning costs.
• Proven vacuum technology designed to prevent voids.

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• TOP or TOP/BOTTOM UV   lamps
• Continuous assessment   
of the ageing of lamp
with automatic power   adjustment
• Mercury discharge lamp
fully adapted to UV
curable conformal coating
• Power: 60 to 250 W/cm
• Cooling by controlled   extraction.
• SMEMA communication
• Stainless steel chain   conveyors
• Hours meter

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Stencil Clean SIA

• Spray in Air System for Cleaning Stencils
• High Pressure/Volume System for high quality fast cleaning

• Balanced Spray impact on both sides to prevent stencil damage
• Designed to work with water based chemicals with rinsing ability
• Stainless Steal frame, chamber and shielding
• Drying Process with hot air and programmable temperatures and exhaust
• Monitors Cleaning Liquid Leveland Filter status

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EUROPLASMA low pressure plasma
treatment systems provide:

• Cleaning and etching of   electronic parts
• Activation and coating of   plastic parts
• Activation and coating of   industrial textiles,
non-wovens or film
• Activation and coating of   foams
• Etching and cleaning of glass
• Eliminate Primer in Painting

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The latest in video inspection technology

• Magnification up 10 - 300X
  up to 90X
• Superb Image quality
• Quick Image Capture
• Real time Measurement of live images
• Integrated LED Light
• ESD security
• User friendly applications
• Easy Height Adjustment
• Optimal working position

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• Curie Heat Technology
• No Calibration or Operator Training
• Replacement Tips
• High Performance

• Longer Life
• Large Copper Mass for increased stored energy
• Additional Plating for Increased Tip Life
• Tips Compatable with OKI, Metcal, Hakko, Weller
• Local Inventory in Guadalajara

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Worlds Leading Manufacturer of Test Probes

• ZIP Probes - More Cycles, better results
• Larger Internal Contact Area
• Low C-Res
• Excellent High Current Behaviour
• Local Inventory in Guadalajara

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