The PARMI Challenge



Register today to participate in the Quiptech PARMI challenge to find out first hand how the PARMI Xceed New Generation 3D AOI and SPI can transform your business.

Why Take the Challenge?
By registering to participate in the challenge Quiptech will demonstrate to you the unique capabilities of PARMI technology which include:
• Extreme accuracy from laser measuring technology
• LED inspection from inside the device
• Tall components easily measured
• Advanced PIN inspection
• Detection of foreign parts & contamination across the entire PCB.

The PARMI software capabilities are also demonstrated in the challenge. The software boasts:
• An easy to use intuitive user interface
• Closed loop screen print control, for improved print accuracy
• XNET – SPI data shared and used by AOI.
• XHUB – Factory control of PARMI AOI/SPI systems.

Take the PARMI Challenge today. Let us demonstrate PARMI’s unique capabilities on your products.
To register simply click the Contact Us link below to add your details, select the PARMI Challenge option and we will be in contact shortly with further details.

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