Sono-Tek Ultrasonic Coating Solutions

Sono-Tek is a world leader in ultrasonic coating solutions. Its innovative, patented coating systems provide full solutions to complex and diverse coating challenges for the Medical Device Industry.

Compared to conventional pressure spraying methods, Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic nozzles do not clog. They reduce liquid usage, waste, and environmental impact while achieving much more precise, uniform, thin film coatings.

Quiptech is the Sono-Tek distributor to the Irish medical device sector. At this years Medical Technology Ireland, Sono-Tek will demo three of its innovative nozzle solutions. The MediCoat DES system, MediCoat BCC, and ExactaCoat system.

MediCoat DES

The MediCoat DES is a full turn-key coating system for applying anti-restenosis drug polymer coatings onto implantable cardiac stents. Configured with MicroMist or AccuMist air shaping systems and 180kHz ultrasonic nozzles. The MediCoat DES 3000 is a sealed, exhausted benchtop glovebox enclosure for small volume production. The MediCoat DES 4000 is an alternate enclosure with process viewing windows. It has easy access front load door for applications that don’t require a glovebox environment.

MediCoat BCC

The MediCoat BCC is a standalone coating system for applying ultra-thin layers of anti-restenosis drug polymer+plasticizer coatings onto implantable balloon catheters. A balloon is then inflated prior to coating using an auto inflation device.


The ExactaCoat is an automated, programmable benchtop coating system with coordinated XYZ motion control using Windows-based software and user-friendly teach pendant with trackball. Versatile R&D to mid-volume production thin film coatings. It can use a range of ultrasonic nozzle designs includeing AccuMist, Impact, Vortex, MicroMist, or Propel. 

Common system options consist of Wire/rod coater, Ultrastatic ESC, Nozzle rotate and or tilt, 1 or 2 drawer load system, N2 Rich Environment, LEL Sensors, cleanroom upgrade, aggressive material upgrade. There is also liquid delivery options available with this system. They are Syringe pump (standard, Sonic or stirring), gantry mounted syringe pump, MicroFlow, SonoFlow Fusion, HyperFlow catalyst pump.

How Ultrasonic Nozzles Work

Ultrasonic nozzles operate by converting high frequency sound waves into mechanical energy that is transferred into a liquid, creating standing waves. As the liquid exits the atomizing surface of the nozzle, it is broken into a fine mist of uniform micron sized droplets.

Unlike pressure nozzles, ultrasonic nozzles do not force liquids through a small orifice using high pressure in order to produce a spray. Liquid is fed through the center of a nozzle with a relatively large orifice, without pressure, and is atomized due to ultrasonic vibrations in the nozzle. A Sono-Tek engineered proprietary precision ultrasonic generator provides the mechanical energy required to create the vibrations in the nozzle.

Quiptech engineers will be demoing the Sono-Tek innovative Ultrasonic Nozzles at this years Medical Technology Ireland. Find us at booth 88 on the ground floor of Galway Racecourse from the 25th-26th of September.

For further technical specifications on all Sono-Tek products please click here.

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