Quiptech Introduces the Ultimate in SMT Component Inventory Management

Combining Nordson Dage Assure Inline X-ray component counting system with SMD Box automated storage and CompControl goods receiving system.

Now Available From Nordson Dage, the Assure range of X-Ray Component Counting

The Assure systems are the latest in Smart X-Ray Component Counting, available in both stand alone or pass through inline models.

Inventory knowledge is essential for modern industry. Whether you are a SMT manufacturer, supplier or broker, live assurance of correct inventory in your MRP system at all times minimizes stock, labour, errors and costs, ensuring customer confidence and trust. Keep your SMT lines running.

AssureTM is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to implement live component inventory management into your organisation.

A fully integrated counting system which is connected to a storage system via conveyers and ERP.

Specialized logical algorithms and self-learning capabilities empower operators to add (not teach) new component types without needing cumbersome libraries that require programming, or reliance on
“cloud-only” support.



SMD Box is an impressive addition to modern manufacturing process.

Automatically receiving, storing and retrieving materials means the link between production, storage and buffer storage is fast, efficient and smart. Compact in design and free from the burden of rising labor costs, SMD Box delivers productivity and throughput gains whilst dramatically reducing machine footprint by maximising density and complexity in electronics manufacturing working environment.


CompControl WEControl

The goods receiving software for stores/logistics in electronics manufacturing.

Records the receiving of all component carriers automatically and in a transparent way using a high-resolution camera. Detects and analyses all barcodes and clear-text information on the component carriers. Posts data back to the ERP system automaticall.

Easy: Adapts to any landscape; No additional expenses

Accurate: 100 % precise recording of all component carriers

Fast: fastest recording of component carriers

Transparent: Giving of evidence already in the Goods Receiving process


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