Quiptech Appointed Distributor For Inventec Cleaning Chemicals & Solder Paste Solutions

Quiptech is pleased to announce its appointment as the distributor of Inventec Performance Chemicals, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality Solder Pastes, and Cleaning Chemistries. This partnership brings together two industry leaders, leveraging their respective strengths to deliver innovative solutions to customers in various sectors.
Inventec Performance Chemicals, known for its commitment to excellence and cutting-edge research and development, has chosen Quiptech as its trusted partner to expand its market reach and enhance customer support.
With Inventec Performance Chemicals’ specialised offerings, Quiptech can now provide PCB manufacturers with a comprehensive set of solutions to optimise their production processes, improve yield rates, and enhance overall product quality.


As electronic devices become increasingly complex and miniaturized, maintaining their reliability and performance requires effective cleaning solutions. Inventec Performance Chemicals has developed a comprehensive range of Water & solvent-based cleaning solutions dedicated to the electronic assembly & semiconductor industry and suited for your desired process; De-fluxing, Maintenance Cleaning, SMT Glue Removal and Stencil & Misprint Cleaning.


Solder Paste range, provides a cutting-edge solution for advanced electronics manufacturing. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry, ECOREL Solder Paste offers exceptional performance, reliability, and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for electronics manufacturers worldwide.

Quiptech has a long history of selling premium brands to global customers. The Inventec brand is now being added as a specialist in solder paste and cleaning technologies solutions. Quiptech has experienced local sales and service engineers in all major manufacturing hubs in Mexico and Eastern Europe. We are very excited to start working with Inventec.

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