Nordson Dage – 4600 Automated BondTester

4600 Automated BondTester

Improve reliability and throughput while reducing human influence.

The 4600 BondTester is a benchtop system designed to automatically perform complex test procedures without needing operator input. The system can automatically complete shear and pull test patterns with different orientations of bonds, while recording failure mode images upon completion.


Automatic testing for Battery packs, Leadframe and wafers (<200mm)

automotive battery electronics semiconductor wafer bondtest

Paragon™ – Your automation partner

  • Automation assisted GUI
  • Build in check list & help
  • Multi window views
  • Schematic virtual images displayed
Paragon software display  Paragon software

Import maps or create your own

  • Import wafer map file SINF / G85 / Klarf (AOI) / New Format
  • Wire pull and ball shear pattern displays
  • Colour gradients indicate different heights
  • Inter-die wire corrections
map interference display wire pull pattern ball shear pattern interdie connector
 Map interface display  Wire pull pattern  Ball shear pattern  Inter-die wire connections

Remove uncertainty - camera assisted programming

  • Ultimate accuracy using on-board cameras
  • Both high resolution and field of view cameras as standard
  • Fiducial images for alignment
Automatic fiducial recognition On board camera live images during testing High Resolution and FOV cameras
 Automatic fiducial recognition  On board camera live images during testing  High resolution and FOV cameras

Image every failure mode – even with extreme height variations

  • Compound Surface Imaging (CSI) scans through a Z-stack to get every point in focus
  • Automatically return to the failure site to record an image
  • Assists with failure mode analysis
  • Comes as standard with every 4600 BondTester
Compound surface imaging Bondtest CSI standard image DAGE CSI image
Compound surface imaging (CSI)  Standard image  DAGE CSI image