ESD Boxes


  • The stackable containers have a uniquely small taper of 2 mm which means there is optimal filling or utilisation of the storage space.
  • The containers are suitable for manual or automated handling depending on the container type and the design of the base.
  • The loading of the container depends on the design of the base and can be between 10 and 65 kg.
  • To meet specific requirements for storage space, handling and transport, we recommend our customised solutions with perfectly matched dimensions and properties.

Transport Equipment

  • Perforated containers provide good ventilation or cooling.
  • Closed containers protect the contents against dust and to some extent against spray or contamination.
  • Ideal for bulk or packaged foodstuffs, semi-finished products in manufacturing plants, consignment of goods in e-commerce, storage of small parts and handling of textiles.
  • RFID or barcode labelling, hot embossing or engraving identify your load carriers perfectly

ESD Protection

  • Blackline and Newbox Black products offer ideal ESD protection.
  • ESD protection is very important, particularly where there are seasonal variations and low humidity.
  • Attention is increasingly being given to ESD protection when it comes to the service and maintenance of vehicles, plant and machinery.


  • There are always appropriate foam or deep-drawn inserts available for every case to give optimal protection.
  • Ideal self-organisation.
  • Missing parts are recognised immediately.
  • Packaging cases for high-grade electrical and measuring equipment.
  • Case systems can also be used, for example, to create ESD-compliant environments during service and maintenance.