Quadra 3

High quality X-ray inspection for production applications

Quadra™ 3 is your partner for high quality X-ray inspection for production line quality control. Detect a wide range of manufacturing defects including BGA, QFN and IGBT attachment, PTH filling, interfacial voiding, component cracking and counterfeit device screening.
See the finest details
  • No compromises. Quadra’s unique double angle geometry lets you look from every angle without a rotation table. You are not limited to rotating smaller samples only.
  • See the clearest images of electronics samples. Quadra 3 is the only 0.95 µm system with an image chain completely designed and manufactured in house for electronics samples.
Simplicity as Standard
  • The perfect walk-up inspection station. Gensys control software takes high quality images with only a few intuitive mouse clicks, operators can be up and running fast and with minimal training.
  • Save time with AIR automatic inspection routines. Teach Quadra once then let AIR automatically inspect for you.

Maintenance Free 

  • Minimize downtime. The QuadraNT X-ray tube requires no regular maintenance or filament changes.
  • Lifetime repeatability as standard. Since the filament is never changed, inspection imagery is clear and repeatable, today, tomorrow and year after year.
  • Oil free. QuadraNT uses an oil free ion pump to maintain vacuum which never requires an oil change.

Quadra 3 is an exceptional tool for screening quality defects in electronics production. For root cause failure analysis applications, and to screen for smaller defects in higher quality, choose Quadra 5 and Quadra 7.

Easily ensure IPC compliance with automatic measurement and voiding analysis that gives clear pass/fail results.

4-way split screen view makes identification and comparison easy.

Head-in-Pillow and open joints (see blue circle) effortlessly identified using X-Plane®