SMD Box Smart 2.0

SMD BOX, a materials management system, is not only a traditional intelligent storage system, but an enhanced unit with management capabilities through the computing cloud, eliminate geographical and environment constraints. The systems innovative plug & play software design uses a JAVA front - end development frame - work, removing the need for any software installation or maintenance. The user can fully operate and manage the system via a browser, enabling real-time inventory management capabilities.
SMD BOX features
The system operates a high-performance automated platform to achieve the unique in/out processing of electronic materials.
Moreover, it has the following advantages:
  • High efficiency:10-15 seconds in/out process time per individual tray
  • Multi-purpose:In addition to storing standard trays the system is also compatible with LEDs, bulk materials, tubular materials and other package types.
  • MSD material storage
  • Security: The storage of precious and high value material is more convenient
  • Modularization: Using a modular design, users can increase or decrease inventory at any time according to the current material storage situation.