Robosol- Inline Automanted Robot laser Soldering


  • Automatic Soldering Cell
  • The soldering cell is designed to work as a fully automated in-line module.
  • Soldering routines are programmed with the help of the teaching pendant or by JPUnix developed software and stored on the Unix controller
  • The controller can store up to 495 programs that can include up to 21,000 steps.
  • The system can be programmed to solder, point, arc or line. •Automatic tip correction X/Y/Z,
  • Cleaning station air and brush cleaning of the soldering tip.
  • 10” intuitive touch panel interface

Additional functions that can be managed via the user interface are:

  • Conveyor width adjustment
  • Board clamp
  • Board support
  • Pass-through function
  • Graphical Unser interface
  • Program selection
  • Access and reset error conditions
  • Fault diagnostics

User Friendly Interface

The soldering cell is designed around the UNIX-700FH-55 SCARA soldering robot from Japan Unix. The soldering robot is a SCARA 5-axis robot that offers a fast speed of up to 8,300 mm/sec and has high repeatability and rigidity. The axis stroke length is of 550mm, it is a versatile robot suited for tip soldering technology.


Clean Cut Feeder

By notching into solder as fed through, the solder wire feeder significantly reduces flux dispersal and solder balls. With patented technology, users can remove manufacturing issues caused from flux

Tip Position Correction X/Y/Z

This option adjusts the soldering tip slippage caused from thermal expansion, burning out, ETC. It never requires resetting or reconfiguration. It is fully automated and automatically calculates the tip position.

Brush CleanerUser

This is an automated cleaner for solder tips which removes carbides, stannous tin oxides, and other impurities caused from soldering operations. It is fully automated and integrated as a function inside the soldering program.