Precion, the World’s Best 2D & 3D AOI Machine

Precion, the World’s Best 2D & 3D AOI Machine

Wirebond Ultra Precision Z scan 2D & 3D AOI

Precion is a world’s best 2D & 3D AOI machine which can offer reliable wire bond images, even down to 0.6mil wire diameter. By using a high resolution camera with 12M pixels and 180FPS, Precion offers high UPH inspection capability. Precion’s unique multi illumination can detect all types of defects at various heights related to wire bonding, die attach, and lead frame. In addition, exclusive multi level Z scan produces wire loop and sagging images for reliable tracking and inspection with low over kill rate.

Precion’s exclusive Z scan with multi illumination acquires dozens of images by moving the vision sensor vertically on each unit and those images are used for the inspection with high accuracy and reliability. This unique system also improves the accuracy of 3D inspection, which lowers the over kill rate.

The required time to make a single teaching program with the user friendly designed UI (User Interface) and advanced intelligent algorithm is typically less than 30 minutes. Moreover, various software tools such as e Map, SPC (Statistical Process Control), operator 2 n dverification, remote control and monitoring, and offline software are available.

The integrated Loader/Unloader can handle all types of magazines available in the market, so up to 3 magazines with 100mm width or 5 magazines with 60mm width can be loaded at the same time. Magazine replacement does not require any tool changes and all work is done with software settings. ‘ Precion Dual’ lane conveyor is also available to save strip loading and unloading time.

Key Features

 2.75µm resolution to get reliable image down to 0.6mil wire diameter
 Ultra high speed camera to enhance productivity
 Multi illumination to inspect defects on wire bond, DA, and LF
 Multi leveled Z scan inspection for wire loop and sagging
 User friendly teaching and e Map software
 Full auto magazine Loader/Unloader Integrated system


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