Introducing The New Robo-Sol


  • Automatic Soldering Cell
  • The soldering cell is designed to work as a fully automated in-line module.
  • Soldering routines are programmed with the help of the teaching pendant or by JPUnix developed software and stored on the Unix controller
  • The controller can store up to 495 programs that can include up to 21,000 steps.
  • The system can be programmed to solder, point, arc or line. •Automatic tip correction X/Y/Z,
  • Cleaning station air and brush cleaning of the soldering tip.
  • 10” intuitive touch panel interface

Additional functions that can be managed via the user interface are:

  • Conveyor width adjustment
  • Board clamp
  • Board support
  • Pass-through function
  • Graphical Unser interface
  • Program selection
  • Access and reset error conditions
  • Fault diagnostics