Explorer ONE a Price Too Good To Be Missed!

Explorer ONE Now Available at an AMAZING INTRODUCTORY PRICE Too Good To Be Missed!

Quiptech is excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase the Nordson Dage Explorer ONE at an incredible introductory price. This compact system provides the best in class automated X-Ray inspection. It enables you to quickly understand the quality of your products by delivering the clearest X-ray images. Market leading image quality makes it quick and easy to locate and qualify potential defects and make pass/fail judgments fast.

Explorer ONE features:

  • 2 µm feature recognition
  • Compact footprint
  • Quadra® X-ray tube technology
  • Gensys software – including AIR automation functionality and all image enhancement and measurement tools
  • AspireFP® – flat panel detector

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Sharpest images, showing the finest details



“The fact that we can identify faults so quickly and effectively not only saves us time directly and improves our productivity, but also reduces time in discussion with customers and suppliers, as we can so easily demonstrate the problem and the required solution. Customers are buying into this, as evidenced by their increasing requests for X-ray inspection pictures along with their products.

Quite simply, we didn’t know what we had been missing.”

– Keith Dent, Production Manager at Bela Electronic Designs. (Full Article Link)


Nordson DAGE is committed to protecting the environment. Nordson DAGE EnviroShield™ Technology is a propriety (patent pending) lead free X-ray shielding technology which is non-toxic and easy to dispose of at end of life.

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