Nordson Dage Explorer one COMING SOON

Compact and Affordable, the Nordson Dage Explorer one, COMING SOON.

The Nordson Dage Explorer one is the newest addition to the Dage X-ray MXI family and is designed specifically for the sub €100k / 5 µm electronics inspection market.

Explorer one features:

2 µm feature recognition for a 5 µm market
Easy to site with a compact footprint
Gensys software – including AIR automation functionality and all image enhancement and measurement tools
How does Explorer one differ from Quadra?
Quadra is required for X-Plane, µCT and heated stage.

Explorer one X-ray performance is 30 – 90 kV, up to 10W output power.

Explorer one can accommodate 300mm x 300 mm samples. It uses the same 2 x axis oblique viewing as Quadra and XD series to view from every side – sample rotation is not required.

​System Size
Width 1050 mm
Depth 1297 mm + 311 mm keyboard
Height 1386 mm
Weight 750 kg

Utility Requirements:
Voltage: 200-230 V AC single phase with earth. Frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Configuration: 3-WIRE, P-N-E (Conductor 2.5mm (min) CSA Copper)

Power: 300W. Machine over current protection: 6A Type D circuit breaker. SCCR: 10kA.

Connecting Cable: 16A 450/750V rated with 2.5mm2 cross-sectional area per conductor, Harmonized code HO7RN-F to BS7919 or equivalent. Mains cable gland entry: 9 – 17 mm

Facility Circuit Protection: 16A (Where a 16A is a non-standard value then a suitable 15A supply and circuit breaker (UL489) may be used.)

Safety Earth: Separate 30A, 4mm2 minimum cross-sectional area to an earth bonding point. Safety earth cable gland entry: 1 – 5 m

Network: Connect using shielded Cat6, RJ45 cable.

Air required: None