Modula vertical automated storage solutions are designed to save space, save time and improve process efficiency. The automated vertical storage solutions have been designed following the “goods to man” principle: operators no longer have to move through the warehouse to pick up the goods, but the products are brought directly to the picking bay. The picking bay can be customized in different configurations according to the different needs of the customer.

Proper management of picking within vertical storage industrial translates into competitiveness on the market, especially when performance becomes crucial, in terms of speed of order management and fulfillment. Each operation can be traced and the picking errors are drastically reduced thanks to simple and intuitive visual aids.

The Modula automated vertical warehouses can be 100% customized: there are different configurations available depending of the space available and the load capacity.

The benefits of Modula vertical automated warehouses:

  • Space Efficiency: Save up to 90% of the occupied floor space compared to traditional storage solutions.
  • Time Savings: Expedite picking operations, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Security: Safeguard goods from theft and damage within the automated warehouse.
  • Integration: Utilize integrated software that seamlessly interfaces with enterprise information systems.

Vertical Automated Warehouses with Modula not only save time and space but also offer enhanced security and integration capabilities. Explore some case studies, such as Enercon Technologies, that showcase the successful implementation of Modula VLMs to boost storage efficiency.

We present some case studies!

Enercon Technologies Boost Storage with Modula VLMs