SW-D Series

Ultrasonic Welding

Uses D-ATHMOS technology (Digital Automatic Tuning Hold Master Oscillation System). This digital control system enables a quick, reliable and reproducible welding process. The ultrasonic welder can be used as a bench-top solution or integrated into an automated solution.

SW-D series has 5 models of 20kHz~48.5kHz, 600W/900W with various control mode and monitoring function, which is applicable to wide variety of work.
It is the high-end ultrasonic welder with Ethernet capability and tractability.

  • High-speed and stable welding
  • Small size, Vertical type, and Easy setting with remote control
  • Selectable Oscillation Mode for Optimal Welding Condition
  • Oscillation Amplitude is Continuously Variable between 30-100%
  • Real-time Monitoring for OK/NG Checking
  • Many Interfaces for IoT

Selectable Oscillation Mode

  • Peak power control
  • Energy control
  • Timer control
  • Continuous oscillation control
  • External sensor control (Displacement sensor, Temp. sensor, etc.)

Portable Controller

  • Parameter setting
  • Welding result display
  • LCD touch panel
  • small size/ light weight
  • Detachable and to be used with multiple unit

Real-time Monitoring

  • Peak power value
  • Energy value
  • Frequency
  • Oscillation time
  • External sensor value (3ch)

Many Interfaces

  • LAN(Ethernet)
  • RS-232C
  • Analog
  • I/O
  • CF Card

More Convenient

  • AC100-240V multi-power source
  • LED error display
  • Overcurrent protection, large ventilation fan


Items SW-D900S-20 SW-D900S-27 SW-D900S-39 SW-D600S-39 SW-D600S-48
Max. Output Power 900W
(In continuous : 400W)
(In continuous : 300W)
Frequency 20kHz 27kHz 39kHz 39kHz 48.5kHz
Oscillation Method Digital ATHMOS
Amplitude Adjustment 30~100% (1% step)
Oscillation Control Mode Time / Energy / Peak Power / External Sensor / Continuous
Monitor Function
(Pass / Fail Judgement)
Frequency / Oscillate Time / Energy / Peak Power / External Sensor
Parameter Memory 31
Interface I/O / Analog / RS-232C / LAN / CF Card
Input Power Single Phase AC100~240V ±10%
Power Consumption 1,350VA 900VA
Operating temperature 5~50℃ (No freezing)
Operating Humidity Less than 90% (No condensation)
Dimension W150×D370×H310mm (Including protrusions)
Weight Approx. 8.5kg

Portable Controller

Items UA-C01
LCD Size 3.5 inch TFT LCD
Resolution W320×H240
Color 4,096 colors
Buzzer available
Language English
Power Input Supplied From Welding
Cable Length 1.5m