Smart Digital Microscope

Flexible and intuitive HD digital microscope incorporating our new 30x HD Camera module. The Inspex 3 is ideal for industries such as medical device, pharmaceuticals, precision engineering and electronics.

This smart digital microscope features unique, patented, high-speed image processing algorithms for exceptional image quality. Inspect your parts with super-fast focus speed and smooth digital zoom. With the Inspex 3 you can experience simpler, easier, more efficient inspection.


Improved product quality. See how Natec did it by shifting from manual magnifiers to Ash.


See how our medical device client improved inspection and increased throughput by 400%.

2D Measurement & Graticules

Point to point measurement and annotation of samples and creation of graticules utilising the AshCal™ calibration.

Super-Fast Auto-Focus™

Place any part under the camera and it will immediately adjust the focus position allowing you to quickly and seamlessly inspect your part without having to adjust manual focus or change the height of the part.


Quickly focus on the area of interest by simply using the mouse pointer. Improve accuracy and reduce human error with the capabilities of SpotFocus™.

Image Stacking

Inspex 3 automatically captures several images at different focal depths to create a fully focused, sharp, clear image for easy inspection. Save time by removing the need to adjust the camera height or manual focus.

Instantly transform your manufacturing process with Inspex 3

Inspex 3 is the ideal platform for your manufacturing inspection needs. Digitally transform your inspection process by upgrading from traditional microscopes, improving ergonomics and introducing networking, documentation, reporting and improved training capabilities.