Acumen AI

AI Inspection

Automated visual inspection and measurement system with next generation deep learning video analysis. Versatile, scalable, and modular platform contends with the most challenging inspection applications.

The simple interface enables non-experts to capture and label their image dataset, optimise training parameters, and train inspection models. The inspection models can be used to identify, detect, classify, measure, and count a wide range of part defects. Decision-making can be completely automated or used to assist the operator in making the final decision.

Return on Investment

Automate your inspection process and significantly increase throughput and reduce material waste. Reduce inspection costs and overheads. Remove operator error, eliminate risk, avoid product recalls and protect your reputation.

Improve Productivity

Visual inspection processes can be automated to keep up with the pace of global demand. The Acumen AI automatically detects and measures defects over a wide zoom range and FOV on multiple sample parts. It can also integrate with industrial devices to operate on a 24/7 basis.

Diverse Array of Training Algorithms

Choose from object detection, anomaly detection, instance segmentation and classification algorithms with architectures suitable for processing speed or accuracy requirements.

Actionable Training Metrics

Easily assess and optimise the model training to improve overall performance using valuable metrics such as precision, recall and training loss.

Highly Configurable

Acumen AI inspection models can be configured/recalled with system settings such as magnification and illumination, along with threshold settings, reporting format and more for optimal efficiency and robustness.

Eliminate Subjectivity

Many visual inspection methods rely on the human eye, leading to subjective judgements on critical decisions. AI inspection models do not tire or lose concentration, enabling the Acumen AI to overcome the cognitive overload often experienced by human operators.


The Acumen AI has additional software functionality including Automatic Measurement, Industrial Communications and Project Sequencing available to meet manufacturers ever growing needs.