Beard Covers

For Cleanroom

Manufactured from a lightweight, non-woven, spun-bound polypropylene fabric, our Cleanroom Beard Covers offer full beard coverage with an innovative, one size fits all design. Processed in a neutral environment, these wipes are chemically non-reactive, biologically inert and non-allergenic for most wearers.
  • Lightweight, non-woven polypropylene fabric
  • Low-linting, breathable material
  • Chemically non-reactive, biologically inert



  • Ideal for cleanroom environments
  • Suitable for the catering industry
  • Manufacturing, food processing

Features & Benefits

  • Non-woven, spun-bound polypropylene construction
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Chemically non-reactive, biologically inert
  • Low-linting, allergy-neutral
  • Tensile strength: 31N
  • Colour: White
  • Full beard coverage, one size fits all