Stencil & Pallet Cleaner

Automatic stencil and pallet cleaner combines the cleaning efficiency of ultrasonic technology with the convenience of front-loading!. Is fully automatic, programmable, compatible with many closed-looped cleaning chemistries and can be completely self-contained – not requiring a drain.

The operator loads the stencil into an empty chamber and selects the desired cleaning profile. The wash solution is uploaded to the wash chamber from a built-in reservoir and down loaded through a filtration system to the same reservoir after the wash cycle. The stencil is then spray rinsed and the cycle is complete. The total wash / rinse cycle time is approximately 10 minutes. 


  • Front-loading eliminates lifting stencils and baskets over tall wash tanks
  • Ergonomic loading height eliminates steps and loading platforms
  • Eliminates stencil damage due to soaking
  • Energy efficient ambient cleaning