Automatic Locking Screw

Model: SC-300T

It is suitable for screw locks of various consumer products, such as: computers, speakers, toys, sweepers, car lights, car central controls, home appliance controllers and other products.

  • Single-head double-platform structure, alternate locking and payment, no pick-and-place time, maximizing locking and payment efficiency
  • Screw floating height displacement sensor, floating height detection and automatic repair, improve the pass-through rate
  • It has the functions of bit/suction nozzle usage statistics and reminder replacement
  • Support the functions of pre-loading, pre-fetching, and pre-loading and post-fetching

Online Locking Screw

Model: SC-190L

Suitable for small screws and high-precision locks, such as mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, camera lenses, etc.

  • CCD calibration, auxiliary teaching screw coordinate points
  • CCD intelligently screens bad screw holes
  • PC motion control system, visual programming, unlimited data storage and collection
  • Intelligent electric batch: arbitrary torque, speed setting, output torque waveform and torque value
  • Automatic positioning to complete locking, adjustable rail width
  • Intelligent detection function, it can detect missing locks, floating locks, sliding teeth