QUIPTECH Introduces WALK THROUGH Temperature Detection


Quiptech is delighted to introduce INSOL TM1000 Walk Through Temperature Detection systems. Never has it been more important to protect employees and businesses from the risk of virus than it is right now. The TM1000 provides the ideal solution to for fever screening in every environment. The intelligent system is easy to install, incorporates  intuitive software and  a self-calibration routine, making it the ideal solution for every business.


100% Temperature Detection at your entrance

✓ Fever Detection

✓ Automatic Alarm

✓ People Count

No install required

✓ Plug and play

✓ Automatic Self Calibration


Technical Specifications

• Accurate body temperature detection and auto alarming.

• Response time < 0.5s

• Temperature accuracy: ±0.3°C

• Infrared Imaging Camera embedded

• Pass through (in & out) counting

• Auto alarming with sound and LED lights

• Automatic self-calibration

• Control of alarm threshold setting

• Plug and play, easy to setup and install with modular design parts

• Networking management for multi-terminals with real time monitoring and data retrieving (optional)

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