Speedprint Authorised Distributor

Quiptech is delighted to announce that it has been appointed as Speedprint’s authorised distributor for Mexico and Central/Eastern European territories. Speedprint is an award winning SMT Stencil Printing Specialist which designs and builds outstanding products for customers who value high quality solutions.

Speaking at the recent Apex Expo in San Diego, Mark Brawley, Speedprints Preseident said, ‘we are very excited to commence our partnership with Quiptech. As a company Speedprint prides itself on providing high quality solutions to it’s customers, Quiptech is the perfect solution to our Global distribution needs. Their unique geographical footprint allows Speedprint to service and support new customers within their territories.’

About Speedprint
Speedprint is a mulit award winning SMT Stencil Printing Specialist. Indeed it is is one of very few dedicated Screen Printer specialist companies in the market, a fact that allows the company to focus on delivering superior customer service without diluting its resource among other products in an SMT assembly line.
Speedprint is part of the Blakell Europlacer technology group of companies, a pioneering business established in 1970, providing innovative solutions to sophisticated component and assembly automation.
Operating from a hi-tech 18,000 sq. feet facility based in Poole, in the United Kingdom where all their products are designed and manufactured. Speedprint has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of SMT printing solutions globally.

About Quiptech
Quiptech is a leading distributor in Europe and Mexico of equipment and consumable products for the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries for 25 years. Quiptech’s geographical footprint allows them to support key customers in multi-regions across Europe & Mexico, sharing solutions and best practice amongst their many manufacturing sites.
For further information or to organise a demonstration please contact us at sales@quiptech.com or call you local business manager.

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