Inline Automanted Robot Tip Soldering

The MX6 tip soldering cell uses a 5-axis SCARA robot that offers fast speed (up to 8,300 mm/sec) with high repeatability and rigidity. The Z axis has a stroke length of 550mm, ensuring a versatile robot suited for
tip soldering technology.

The soldering head is equipped with the most accurate heater for optimal thermal behaviour to achieve the best performance and productivity.


  • Fully automated inline, tip soldering cell
  • Accurate and repeatable board clamping
  • Automatic tip correction X/Y/Z
  • The system can be programmed to solder, point, arc or line
  • The system is PC controlled with an easy to use intuitive interface
  • Soldering routines are programmed with the help of the teaching pendant
  • Fully automated in-line module with SMEMA or standalone operation
  • Cleaning station, with both air and brush cleaning of the soldering tip