Automated Robot Laser Soldering

The Robo-Sol automatic laser soldering cell LX5 is a market leader in capability for laser soldering solutions. Incorporating solder dispensing or wire feed options, automated inspection, alignment and a highly controlled laser system. The LX5 is the ideal platform for laser soldering solutions.


  • Automatic Laser Soldering Cell
  • Automatic solder paste dispense or solder wire feed options
  • High precision laser
    • 30 watt fiber laser
    • complete parameter control
    • camera for easy teaching and live soldering inspection
  • Soldering routines are easily programmed with the user-friendly touch screen
  • PC driven with Touch Screen LCD Graphical Unser interface
  • Fully automated in-line module with SMEMA or standalone operation
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Pass-through function


  • Overall size: 1560mm x 1650mm x 900 mm (2010mm with optional conveyor)
  • Weight: Approx. 1200 kg
  • Working area: Up to 480 x 480 mm
  • Electrical Supply: 3 Phase 400Volt
  • Power: 9Kw
  • Laser
    • Wavelength – A wavelength (808nm), B wavelength (940nm)
    • Maximum output – 30: 30W, 45: 45W
    • Fiber diameter – 02: φ0.2, 04: φ0.4, 06: φ0.6


Solder paste dispense

Consistent dispensing

Automatic Inspection