Abrasion System

The Metronelec Powder Abrasion System (PAS) is a complete integrated package for the removal of conformal coatings.  PASM1 will safely and selectively remove conformal coatings from a PCA without causing any mechanical or ESD damage to the PCA and components thereon.

This compact design (680x 875 x 735 mm) of the PAS M1 makes it ideal for bench top use or can be supplied with its own stand. A single switch turns on the power for the entire system, cabinet dual lighting, black light and white light, the powder control system, cabinet de-ionizers and the nozzle de-Ionizer. The work chamber has a built-in fan that generates a vacuum to evacuate the spent abrasive from the work area into a collection drawer on the side. This drawer can be easily removed for powder disposal.

PAS M1 is equipped with adjustable powder volume control and air pressure regulation to enable the system to be set up for the removal of any conformal coating from pinpoint areas to larger areas. The nozzle de-ionizer effectively reduces any ESD from reaching levels that could potentially damage components during the removal process. This introduces a flow of positive and negative ions into the powder flow at the exit point of the nozzle tip.  The rework chamber also contains a de-ioniser to remove any ESD introduced into the chamber during coating removal.


Power Requirement 230V 50Hz 1A
Working temperature 0°C to 50°C
Weight 130lbs. (59Kg)
Dimensions of the system 680x875x735mm (WxDxH)
26”W x 35”D x 29”H
Dimensions of the chamber 650x540x280 mm (WxDxH - usable)
Max PCB Size (recommended) 500 x 400 mm (WxD)
Pressure Requirement (DRY AIR) 8 bar (110-120 psi)
Suction fan 252scfm


- Built in Powder collector
- UV & White light illuminated chamber
- Easily removable Powder collection drawer
- Easily replaceable HEPA filter
- Chamber and point Ionizer avoiding any static electricity hazards
- Antistatic mat to reduce chamber static electricity hazards
- Adjustable micro abrasive powder flow.
- Sealed system requiring no external exhaust with internal HEPA filter.