SMD Box DCS – Discrete Control Storage System
In order to meet the requirements of large-scale material management, the system adopt the discrete control & operate method; cloud technology; and a multi-level grading and cooperative autonomy design for the hardware. The advantage is that it ensures the possibility of large-scale material storage and information exchange, furthermore it simplifies and enables the hardware expansion and modular design.
Modular design
The overall system contains:SMD BOX as the basic working unit; material transport system (u-line/straight line); automated storage and retrieval work station; software system, etc.
Basic Working Unit:SMD BOX
SMB BOX, the very basic element of the whole system, can store 850 reels. It can either work separately or add additional modules according to user’s demand, which contributes to increase the storage capacity. User can also collocate with the inline SMD BOX as an expanded module according to the practical requirement.
Lean Production
Lean Production is a systematic method for the elimination of waste. The waste in SMD storage shall contain the unnecessary steps like inventory and transportation. The Employ of the storage system into the production site can greatly improve the efficiency of the usage of storage, and reform the cumbersome steps like storage, distribution, transportation and other unnecessary steps. The brand new structure of the SMD BOX can be applied in the U-line or straight line according to users practical requirement, thereby achieving the unmanned operation eventually.
In order to improve the material management, our Cloud Storage system can collocate with a variety of different devices: XRAY component counter, automatic material storage and label printing equipment, thereby help to achieve the unmanned materials management.