Plasma Solutions

Europlasma is a global technology leader in innovative nano-coating solutions based on low pressure plasma technology, for which it develops proprietary processes, designs and builds turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment and supplies process chemicals.

With over 25 years of experience in plasma technology, Europlasma is assisting its clients in achieving the highest performance and protection for their products, with a production process that has the lowest environmental footprint.

Europlasma has innovation at its core, having pioneered with the first roll-to-roll plasma machine in 1994 and the first industrial nano-coating machine in 1996. It has been at the forefront of plasma technology ever since, with its patented nanocoating technology platform Nanofics® allowing OEM ‘s and manufacturers to apply liquid-repellent or other functional ultra-thin coatings on complex three dimensional shapes as well as textile rolls.

Today, the Nanofics® technology is increasingly used on an industrial scale across the world by renowned clients for protective coatings of electronic devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and other wearables) and electronic components (next to entire consumer products also individual components or PCB ‘s are treated),and  for functionalization of filtration media and medical plastics.

In 2015 Europlasma also launched the PlasmaGuard® nanocoating solutions for durable water repellent treatment of sporting goods.

Europlasma is headquartered in Oudenaarde (Belgium) and has a subsidiary in Hong Kong. Customers are served locally with the support of a worldwide network of local agents and distributors, including testing facilities in Belgium, USA, China, and India.