Introducing the SMD Box

Quiptech introduces the SMD Box

Quiptech is pleased to announce that it has begun distribution of the new and innovative SMD Box systems. The cost-effective intelligent storage system for SMD components.

The SMD Box has a distinct advantage of being the first SMD storage system to have batch load and unload capabilities. While user friendly software ensures easy integration into management software.

The SMD Boxes use a configurable material allocation system, where the end user can define the material allocation according to their own material consumption. The system ensures complete flexibility to the end user rather than pre-defined internal material allocation.

The SMD Box offers batch material processing without interruption on up to 50 reels. It includes an incoming material barcode and size recognition system, work order schedule and a material retrieval sequence process which is linked to the feeder position.

SMD Boxes are an innovative smart storage solution that can link every step of the production process with superior automation capabilities and AI embedded software.

For further information or to organise a demonstration please contact us at or call your local business manager.