Solder Tips 


  • It has high security performance
  • This iron soldering iron tip is easy to carry and clean
  • It is easy to use and can bring you a lot of convenience
  • It is made of high strength and heat resistant material
  • The product with the long service life is perfectly designed
  • Heavy duty jobs without increasing the tip temperature

Solder Cleaning


  • Used for cleaning soldering tips
  • Maintain your solder tip and prolong the life


  • Especially for clean off excess solder & debris
  • ROHS Compliant and Sulphide Free

Quick Braid


  • Cleaner, faster, and more consistent
  • Oxide-free clean copper
  • More strands of copper (more surface area) per square inch
  • Designed to leave a residue which is environmentally safe
  • Connection quickly, using less wick to accomplish the task
  • Easily removes solder from components or pads on a circuit board