XRH Count

X-Ray Component Counter

Contactless counting system for electronic components. Combined an unmatched speed and accuracy this system will revolutionize slow and costly processes.

Can you believe that you can count 4 SMD rolls (7 inches) in less than 10 seconds? What a time saver!

The Quad Count Live immediately detects the position and barcode as the SMD reel is placed over the loading drawer. This results in a faster cycle time, and with the new sophisticated layer of automation enables total tracking of reel positioning   and automatic label printing after reel removal.

The camera provides excellent live feedback prior to counting due to its advanced barcode reading quality. The operator needs not to be concerned about mix-ups, because the feature also detects changes of the reel position.

The Quad Count Pro can work in a process of a “single reel” counting and even four 7″ SMD-Reels at the same time. The cycle time of x-ray counting and barcode scanning for a single reel is below 8 seconds. When the Quad Count option is used, four SMD-reels will also be counted within 8 seconds. This is a cycle time of 2 seconds per reel.

Splicing Detection

Metal splicing is common and widely used on SMD electronic industry, connecting two tapes. During X-ray counting process the image acquired shown the splicing visible as a dark spot.

The artificial intelligence of the XRHCount has a special algorithm to detect the metal splicing. When it is localized it gets excluded from the counting algorithm.

Excluding this identified, dark spot the result more reliable, since its poorly possible to determine if the metal pocket is empty or not. Assuming its not empty brings risks to your material inventory control.

Recognition of odd shapes

XRHCount has nonstop software and algorithm development, dedicating long time period on new algorithms creation and providing ability to count tough forms even with overlapping of encapsulation.Since the launching of the 1st system, VisiConsult has been actively working with data sharing of “real Images”. It means real field approach, gigabytes coming from all customer globally, this clever solution enhances our local database, based on learning experience of other users.

There are no limits for our image treatment software to provide most accurate count.

The cycle time is optimized via improved hardware and software. The new generation of the system is up to 20% faster and counts within 8.5 seconds per reel, and the Quad Count just needs 2 seconds per reel. The table on the back shows the timings of the counting process: Drawer loading + component analysis + unloading. For smart industries the system is ready for robots, and the free Connectivity Suite ensures an easy integration into the customer’s existing systems – now real-time data can be integrated to the facility’s ERP system or even be exported into a file based on usual industrial formats like XML or CSV.

XRH Count Inline

Inline X-Ray Component Counter

Thanks to the integration of the XRHCount inline into a production line, loading and unloading can take place by means of a conveyor belt. The product ID is scanned automatically. Thanks to this full automation, no additional personnel need to be deployed on this production line.

This has a positive effect on personnel distribution and costs.

XRHCount inline was developed and manufactured in Germany. During the design process, explicit attention was paid to making it suitable for continuous use (24/7). This is possible due to the combination of automation, conveyor system and robust design.

Thus, a throughput time of 10 seconds for one roll has been realised.

To be particularly flexible, the XRHCount Inline is equipped with a very compact footprint. It measures just 1100 x 740 cm and thus fits into any production line. It is therefore a product that adapts perfectly to the circumstances.

Error-free and safe process sequences are particularly important!

Thanks to the XRHCount Inline, the Poka Yoke method is integrated into the production line. Thus, errors in production are detected at an early stage and corrected or avoided.

To protect people and material from the X-ray radiation, there are lead locks and safety switches at the side entrances.

The Counting Cloud feature has many benefits, like effort and programming for a new component check. Based on principle of data sharing “Component Shape Image”, all customer enhances their database based on learning experience of others user, more than thousands of reel images reflects the actual database.

The Statistic- & Maintenance Suite fosters what has been called a “smart factory” and is supporting the local maintenance team for serving the management in an optimal way. The maintenance area is displaying the condition of the system.