Automatic Soldering Machine

Dedicated temperature control system remote to have a faster soldering for large soldering points or pads. Safety and control at another level with security bars, safety acrylics and touch screen for programming.


  • Four axis single head soldering machine
  • Programmable temperature control system
  • Automatically detect less tin and block tin function
  • Support nitrogen welding
  • Solder jitter function, make welding faster
  • Visible function of the solder joint track

Product Specification

Dimension(mm) 770*745*905mm
Travel(X*Y*Z)(mm) 500*500*100*360°
Control method IPC
Drive mode Step motor
Axes quantity 4
Static temperature accuracy(ºC) ±1
Temperature range(ºC) 50~500
Maximum capacity of table(kg) 12
Maximum move speed(mm/s) 650
Repeat position accuracy(mm) ±0.02
Tatal weight(kg) 95
Tin wire diameter(mm) breaking tin :(0.6-2.0)
breaking tin :(0.3-2.0)
Average power consumption 220V/300W