High Quality PCB Magazines  


  • Bottom plate: It is made of carbon steel plate by stamping and bending, and the surface is galvanized
  • Pillar: Made of aluminum alloy 20*20 profiles, fixed by M6 screws
  • Slot plate frame: using aluminum alloy profiles, slot fixing method
  • Fixing method: Gear adjustment, use press buckle to fixed
  • PCB size: L535*W50-460mm
  • Slot plate: Using permanent electrostatic material, temperature resistance 70
  • Slot specification: slot length 535mm,slot width 5.0mm, slot depth 3.5mm, the upper and lower slot spacing is 10mm, total of 50 layers
  • Size Magazine size Max PCB size
    • S – 250 355(L)*320 (W)*565 (H) 350(L)*250 (W)
    • M – 330 460(L)*400(W)*565(H) 450(L) *330(W)
    • L – 460 535(L)*530(W)*565 (H) 510(L)*460 (W)
    • XL – 610 680 (W)*630(L)*565(H) 610(L)*610(W)