Menisco ST88 NEO

Wetting Balance / Solderability Tester

Designed to provide fast, accurate and objective measurement of solderability for components. Eliminate your dubious and counterfeit parts by testing wettability.

Provide fast, accurate and objective measurements of solderability on components avoid risk of counterfeit and expired parts

Solderability Test Systems are designed to provide fast, accurate, and objective measurement of solderability for components, including SMD and printed circuit boards. The system’s output results are expressed in quantitative units – capillary wetting forces (mN) and wetting meniscus angle (degrees). These results directly correspond to the solder wettability of the test specimen. The Metronelec solderability systems advance the state of the art of solderability testing by eliminating the need to use indirect comparisons or subjective operator interpretations.
  • Crossing components and CMS (up to 0201).
  • Efficiency of flows and all types of alloys (with and without lead).
  • Inerting chamber as option (100 ppm O2).
  • Bath module.
  • Globules module (1, 2, 3.2 and 4 mm) motorized in X and Y.
  • Video capture.
  • Immersion depth: 0.01 to 25 mm for ST88 ; 0.1 to 15 mm for ST78
  • Compliance with standards requirements : IPC ANSI J-STD 002/003, IEC, NF, MIL, JIS…